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Tim Oblander

Data Systems Administrator

Tim Oblander  |   Data Systems Administrator

Tim was born and raised in Woodward, Oklahoma. Being a child of two parents who were raised on farms, he was reared with a spirit of self-sufficiency and an I-can-fix-anything attitude. That attitude led Tim to the US Navy, where he operated, maintained, and repaired mechanical systems in the nuclear power plants onboard the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.

After six years in service and two tours to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Tim moved to Oklahoma City and embarked on a journey into the oil and gas industry as a document imager for T. S. Dudley. After several downturns in the industry and a stint as an electrician at his hometown ammonium nitrate production plant, he decided to get serious about his career in oil and gas and founded his own company, Northwest Document Solutions.

As an entrepreneur, he found a niche in the industry by utilizing his creativity and methodical problem-solving skills to develop solutions to problems both seen and unseen in the imaging industry. Through unorthodox use of available technologies and the development of a few of his own, he created a revolutionary new methodology for courthouse document imaging.

When he’s not working, he likes camping with his girlfriend and her daughter and their two dogs, Perseus and Rigby. Mountain biking and annual pilgrimages to Angel Fire Bike Park are also very important in establishing his work/life balance.

Favorite Quote: “Whatever you do, and wherever you go, don’t lose your grip on life and that means don’t let any earthly calamity knock your dreamer and your hoping machine out of order.” – Woody Guthrie

Favorite Fiction: Different Seasons by Stephen King

Favorite Nonfiction: The Science of God by Gerald Schroeder

Most interesting place(s) I’ve been: Angel Fire, NM

Place(s) I’d like to go: Whistler, BC., Belize, Germany, Moab