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Hugh Idstein

Board of Advisors

Hugh IdsteinHugh Idstein  |   Chairman

Hugh Idstein is a senior financial executive with extensive experience in the energy industry. He currently serves as CFO for Winchester Energy, an ASX listed public company he helped establish through an IPO in 2014, and as a financial advisor to Helios Energy, another ASX listed public company.

In addition, he has served as CFO for several Exploration & Production companies both private and public in Houston and Dallas, including Black Stone Minerals, where he served as CFO for 20 years, and CFO of Dune Energy.

He has in-depth experience and knowledge in all aspects of the financial and accounting functions in the exploration business and has been responsible for IT, Investor Relations, Human Resources, Risk Management and Strategic Planning. Hugh has a reputation as a dedicated, creative and flexible thinker who can quickly grasp the big picture and align all levels of management.

Hugh holds an MBA from Eastern Illinois University, a Bachelor’s in Energy Management from Eastern Illinois University and has completed Management Programs at Thunderbird University, Wharton School of Business and Harvard Business School. Areas of expertise include sourcing, people development, and management process improvement.

This wealth of experience allows Hugh to provide our team with a high-level insight into the operational aspect of the Oil & Gas industry.