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Elizabeth Reynolds

Division Order Analyst

Elizabeth Reynolds  |  Division Order Analyst

Elizabeth was born and raised in Houston, TX where she enlisted in the United States Navy and became a military police officer. During her service, she completed an OEF deployment, participated in nation-wide Navy female recruiting efforts, and earned numerous awards for her role as a volunteer coordinator, education resource advisor, and Naval police boating operations.

After separating the Navy, she graduated from Sam Houston University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Science and is currently working on achieving her 2nd Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is also very active and involved within the veteran community and is looking forward to becoming heavily involved with Bellatorum Resources Foundation.

She loves being part of a company that holds its values and professionalism to the highest of standards and is proud to say she is an employee at Bellatorum Resources.

Elizabeth enjoys spending her time with her husband, Jay, and their two children Jayson & Emily.  She also volunteers with local veteran non-profit organizations, being team mom for her son’s baseball team, and hunting and fishing with her family.

Favorite Quote: “What you do, who you’re with, and how you feel about the world around you is completely up to you.”- Mike Rowe

Favorite Fiction: Gone Girl– Gillian Flynn

Favorite Nonfiction: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking– Malcolm Gladwell

Most interesting places I have been:  Guam, Japan, Hawaii, Thailand, and the Philippines

Places I’d like to go:  Ireland & Alaska