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Dan Steward

Board of Advisors

Dan_StewardDan Steward  |   Advisor

Dan currently serves as the CEO & Co-Founder of Iron Horse Energy, LLC, an oil production start-up company focused on pushing innovation within the oil industry. With over 24 years in the industry, his experience ranges from onshore California heavy oil field enhanced oil recovery operations (steam flood) to executing and managing multiple deep-water exploration projects in the U.S. and abroad.

In addition, Dan is a geologist with a Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees and has led several teams of geologists & geophysicists on oil and gas exploration projects throughout the Gulf of Mexico deepwater, numerous west African countries and offshore basins, and the Romanian Black Sea.  These projects, both operated and non-operated joint ventures, represented an un-risked exploration portfolio greater than 3,000 MMBOE.

Throughout his career, special attention was applied to the exploratory or operational history of a given area which has consistently yielded valuable insights, ultimately saving precious time and money by avoiding past mistakes and/or improving upon solid innovation and progress.  A healthy appreciation of the skills others bring to the table, both past and present, is a central pillar to Dan’s ability to attract and build talented teams.

Dan holds a Masters of Business Administration from Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business. His areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, strategy, executive leadership, and operations.